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Ossipee Fair 2020 has been cancelled.

Ossipee Fair

Just a great little country fair that’s big on friendliness! We’ve been in love with Ossipee Fair since the first time we visited. It’s always the first fair in the area, beginning in early July, and it’s become a yearly event to take our District display, along with any updates at the Tenmile River Demonstration Forest.  In addition to the District, Tenmile River Demonstration Forest and Invasive Forest Pest display,  I now bring the Envirothon fundraising info to let folks know about our Maine Envirothon program.

The Invasive Forest Pest outreach done by the district is in cooperation with the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry.

Please visit us at the fair July 2021 and feel free to bring us photos of any suspicious invasive forest pest activity you may have seen. To learn more of what you should be on the look-out for, check out our Forestry page.

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Waterford World’s Fair 2020 has been cancelled.

Agriculture & Conservation Family Day

at Waterford Fair

As a joint venture of Oxford County Soil & Water Conservation District and the Waterford Fair, Agriculture & Conservation Family Day is always held on the first day of Waterford Fair and admission is free to attendees from 9:30 am until Noon. A couple of years ago we changed this from a children’s event to a family event and what a difference it’s made! In addition to visiting with the animals and playing some games, the “Little Hands for Agriculture” and “Little Hands for Forestry” are wildly popular and almost as much fun to watch as to participate. The younger children learn the process of “farm to market” at both areas and get to purchase a treat with their hard-earned “money” at the end of this unique learning experience. But at “Little Hands for Forestry” it’s all about the chainsaw and the John Deere pedal tractor!

In 2017 we added a new area for all ages – “Older Hands for Agriculture & Conservation History”. Marilyn Jones and Lorraine Hill told stories about the “good old days” while holding court at the “Little Hands” building, formerly the outhouse for the nearby church.  This year Linda Hooker of Hooker farm in Oxford told stories about farming, canning and how  milk was delivered to classrooms in small glass bottles. If you know someone you think might be interested in sharing stories with the folks attending, please let us know by calling Jeannie at 744-3119.

There have been some big changes at Waterford Fair! The children’s events have been moved to the playground area to create a child-friendly atmosphere for all.  There are new games ~ Jar Rubber Ring Toss  & Bubble Gum Blowing Contest  for children and adults and the atmosphere is family-friendly! Bring the whole family to visit us in July, 2021!

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Oxford County Fair has been cancelled.


2020 Agriculture & Conservation Day at Oxford County Fair

 Agriculture & Conservation Day at Oxford County Fair is open to children from pre-school through 6th grade.

It’s free!

Come join us for a great educational event.

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… and Fryeburg Fair has also cancelled!

Hopefully we’ll see all of you in 2021.

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Maine Envirothon

The 2020 Regional, State and National Envirothon have been cancelled due to COVID-19. We will be back next year!

Envirothon is a state and nationwide natural resource problem-solving competition for grades 9-12. Students compete outdoors in five natural resource areas: aquatics, forestry, soils, wildlife and a current national environmental issue. The teams are led by volunteer advisors who help students prepare for the tests. Winning teams from all over the state will meet to compete at the state level.
For information on Maine Envirothon click here:  Maine Envirothon Brochure

The 2021 Southwest Regional Envirothon will be hosted by Oxford County SWCD and is scheduled to take place at the Valentine Farm in Bethel in May, 2021.

Preparing for the Envirothon? Below are some key informational resources that will help students prepare for the  Envirothon:


The slide show presented at Unity College:EnvirothonAquaticsSlidePresentation

Envirothon Aquatics Curriculum Guidance  – This document has clickable links to access further resource information, including many of those listed below.






Riparian Buffers



ENV Forestry

Using a Biltmore Stick

What is GPS



Soils and Pastureland


Wildlife Guide2016 IF&W Management Report

Current Issue:

CI Rules


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