Oxford Register of Big Trees


Oxford County Register of Big Trees:

A contest to track down the most impressive trees Oxford County has to offer!


Do you know of a big tree on your property or in your community? Nominate it to see if it’s a champion!

Please submit your nominations by September 30, 2022.

To request a paper copy of our Entry Form, please contact us at oxfordcountyswcd@gmail.com or 207-744-3111.

2022 Oxford County Register of Big Trees

Oxford County Soil and Water Conservation District needs your help tracking down the biggest and most spectacular trees that Oxford County has to offer!

This summer while you are spending time outside on your property or hiking, fishing and enjoying the great outdoors of Western Maine, keep your eyes open for BIG trees. Oxford County Soil and Water Conservation District keeps a register of big trees in the county, which catalogs the largest specimen of each native species we have found.

Old trees that have withstood the test of time, disease, and human activities are truly something to behold, and we appreciate your help in finding these giants!

Check out the current Register of Big Trees below to see if you might know of a tree bigger than a reigning champ, as well as a list of species we haven’t received nominations for yet!

Need help identifying a tree? Check out the online version of Forest Trees of Maine.

2020 Oxford County Register of Big Trees

Trees in the Register that do not have information listed for them have not been nominated. Maybe you’ll be the one to nominate one of these species?!

Many of these great trees are still living because they are growing deep in a forest, while others  are located on a roadside or main byway. Many of the tree owners are very proud of their trees and love to share with interested folks, but please check with OCSWCD for permission to visit. 

Trees we have yet to find:

  • Ash, Black – fraxinus nigra
  • Birch, Blueleaf – betula caerulea-grandis
  • Birch, Gray – betula populifolia
  • Birch, Sweet – betula lenta
  • Cedar, Atlantic White – chamaecyparis thyoides
  • Cherry, Pin – prunus pensylvanica
  • Dogwood, Florida – cornus florida
  • Elm, Slippery – ulmus rubra
  • Hickory, Bitternut – carya cordiformis
  • Hornbeam, American – carpinus caroliniana
  • Maple, Black – acer nigrum
  • Maple, Mountain – acer spicatum
  • Mountain-Ash, American – sorbus americana
  • Nannyberry – viburnum lentago
  • Pine, Jack – pinus banksiana
  • Pine, Red – pinus resinosa
  • Plum, Canada – prunus nigra
  • Sassafras – sassafras albidium
  • Serviceberry, Downy – amelanchier arboria
  • Serviceberry, Allegheny – amelanchier laevis
  • Tupelo, Black – nyssa sylvatica
  • Willow, Black – salix nigra

The new, updated Maine Register of Big Trees may be viewed online at https://www.maine.gov/dacf/mfs/publications/index.html.

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