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Cooper Spring

Cooper Spring is a public, road-side spring owned and operated by the District. It is located on Mt. Mica Road on property that was the former homestead of Fred and Estella Pearson Cooper, who settled in this area in 1881. The spring water is tested monthly for coliform bacteria and annually for nitrates and nitrites to assure that it is safe to drink according to Maine Drinking Water Program standards. The water is of very high quality and purity (we receive complimentary notes and comments about it all the time!) Recent interest in it’s mineral content and other water quality parameters prompted us to get it tested for a larger group of common elements. We were very pleased with the results.

The spring is tested monthly, and has never had an unsatisfactory test in the time we have been testing it! In the event a test did come back unsatisfactory, the spring will be posted with a warning.

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